Montelouro is born of a love story between technology and nature. Between what we like to do and what we like to feel. The practical and the emotional. It is an object which adapts to your needs and reminds you where you come from.

Our devices are part of our lives: they help us to communicate, to entertain ourselves, to learn, to work… What lies within them relates to us, to the world we create for ourselves. But what about the exterior? Everything is aseptic and cold; all is pure symmetry and perfection.

But that is not us, is it?

Montelouro is here to change that. Here to make your surroundings more natural, more human and relatable. That is why it is handcrafted in ceramic, and its design draws inspiration from nature and reflects the beauty of what is imperfect, what is real.

A stand for mobile devices which adapts to all models and that will help you and your family to do everything you love. From the moment the alarm goes off in the morning, until you fall asleep to your favorite tunes; and throughout the day while watching a film, looking for recipes, reading a book, video calling or just when you need to leave your devices somewhere safe as you disconnect for a while.

This object was created for those who want to live it all; those who seek to surround themselves with objects with a history, objects that transmit something unique. For them, less is not enough.

This is the reason why Montelouro is launched as a limited edition. It is not an object for everyone, but for those who want to make their homes a special place that relates to them.

It takes its shape and name after a hill by the beach where I spent the happiest summers of my childhood; the place I go back to when I want to connect with what is authentic, the things that matter.

Monte Louro is a hill that provides shelter to everyone who seeks it; that inspires you to go higher, further. Now, as a phone stand, it brings all these qualities to your everyday life and the decisions that shape it.

Just as design should not be explained, for it either reaches you or it is empty words, it is not the same with manufacturing. I believe it is important to tell what cannot be seen, in order to understand the value of things.
Montelouro is 100% handcrafted. It is the product of the collaboration with a ceramic artisan who works with me from the development stages, when I learn about the characteristics of ceramic and how to work with it. An artisan who has dedicated many hours to this project, and who transmits a passion for his trade in every move.

The process begins with the making of plaster molds from an original piece. After letting the mold harden for a couple of days, and after it is completely dry, the ceramic is poured in and is let sit for some time to thicken the walls of the piece. Afterwards, the piece undergoes different drying processes at 1200C. Finally, it is enameled to get a delicate finish which does not harm your devices, because we believe that in our world durability means sustainability.

Montelouro’s design was conceived to make the use of mobile devices easier, and it invites you to imagine your own ways of doing it.