"Io" - floor lamp.
"Io" floor lamp. Different angles reveal constantly changing perspectives of organic forms.
"Io" wall fixture
"Io" wall
"Io" wall close up
Texture - close up
Texture - close up
"Euporie" - wall fixture
"Thebe" - wall fixture. Imitation of movement.

Using a unique manufacturing process that allows to produce a variety of complex 3D shapes of glass without using heat, Tel Aviv based designer Ira Rozhavsky creates lighting fixtures of sensual forms and mesmerizing light, integrating the artistic with the precise and functional.

One of the characteristics of tempered glass is its shattering into a million of little pieces. This shattering creates beautiful, varied patterns, that brings to mind the gentleness and the fragility of a snowflake, the beauty and the complexity of biological cells.

By utilizing tempered glass’ breakage, each lamp produced individually in a handmade process, resulting in a delicate, one of a kind morphology.

“Moons of Jupiter”, Rozhavsky’s latest lighting collection, combines broken tempered glass with a clear
polymer, that creates together a unique organic construction. The broken glass is molded around a CNC form to create a precise shape for the lighting bulbs, while the “free wings” around painstakingly crafted by hand.

When lit, the light reflections through the individually broken pieces of glass shine from within,
resulting in a magical experience for the viewer. When turned off, the light and fluid reflections of
the surroundings dances on the surface, creating a light-“mosaic-like” effect. Different angles reveal
constantly changing perspectives of organic forms. “Moons of Jupiter” collection is an intriguing
combination of texture and structure, of light and shade, of product design and art.

The collection consists of four lamps, each one is available in a floor/ wall version. Their different sizes making them adaptable to any sort of space, from home living rooms to large sized spaces.

Photos credit: Yoav Gurin.