listening trought the body
the sculpture allow to direct contact with a sound
object is attached the wall on the height of recipient's torso
the resonance chamber entirely made out of wood

Mórimo is a multi-sensory instrument which helps to listen to music with senses beyond the hearing – mainly through the sense of touch. This instrument makes it possible to feel sound with the whole body and it is excellent for different target groups, including people with hearing impairments. The designer helps to break down barriers to the perception of sound and supports searching for common forms of communication. The project is also dedicated to musicians. It opens new possibilities to create music in different manner.
The frame of the structure is covered with an elastic membrane which is connected with an amplifier and transducers with an audio interface, installed inside a wooden resonance chamber. Transducers can be connected to a source of sound. Whatever the user’s hearing impairment, he/she will immerse, in every sense of the word, his/her body in sounds and find the meaning of another sense of listening to music.