The Morphologies collection
TRANSLUCENT DEEP CLEANSING TOOL: A bubble of translucent deep blue rubber grows out of naturally patterned hard wood, forming a scrubbing and deep massaging tool with just enough softness to reach the difficult parts of the skin.
ALABASTER MIXING SPOON: A delicate spoon carved out of alabaster stone forms a translucent tool to mix and apply the oils, cremes and  clays from the receptacles.
CRYSTALLIZED SALT SPONGE: Mossy sponge grows out of crystallized Himalayan salt shaped into a holder that also functions as a massaging utensil with therapeutic benefits.
INTENSELY SOFT MASSAGING SPONGE: A precious artefacted mineral morphs from hard and compact to intensively soft and porous. The spongy  texture caresses your skin while cleaning it smoothly.
BRASS RECEPTACLES: Highly polished brass receptacles with a soft edge form the core of the ritual to prepare mixtures and masks,  combining oils and clays that will take care of your skin.
Using the Translucent deep cleansing tool
Using the intensely soft massaging sponge
Using the Crystalized salt sponge
Applying mixture from the brass receptacle onto the soft massaging sponge

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”
The ancient Egyptians regarded beauty as a sign of holiness, they were pioneers of embellishment. For both men and women, beauty and body care were an integral part of their everyday lives.
Fascinated by this idea that cosmetics are not only used for aesthetics but also have a magical and ritual purpose, I designed a collection of facial skin care tools inspired by ancient Egyptian beliefs and habits.

These objects combine excavated findings with artefacted materials to become new minerals and soft fossils. Haptic textures and morphing shapes form the tools to create mixtures and masks, to apply them on the face and to clean the skin.
Naturally patterned hard wood found in an Alpine river is combined with transparent bubbles of deep blue rubber to become cleansing tools. Alabaster stone is shaped into a delicate, translucent spoon to mix oils and powders. Lava stone seems to morph into a soft, sponge-like texture while highly polished brass receptacles form the core of the collection.

Trophies of imagination, Morphologies connects beauty and spirituality by bringing another
dimension into our everyday skin care rituals.

Photography by Matthijs Mentink
Models: Stella, Kim and Victor