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front view
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Through our speed of living we underestimate simple things. This bed is a subtile attempt to interrupt this motion.

The surface of the bed is elevated to a height of 75 centimeters and it is reached by stepping onto a stone boulder. Through this proportional relationship a ritual is created; a routine step up, onto a natural object, to a place of relaxation.

A new typology of bed furniture is created fusing the western form of bed with the traditional Oriental way of sleeping, with the feel of luxury, using the proportions and materials.

East and West cultures meet again in different time and context and again we can exchange information and traditions.

The traditional Japanese way of sleeping, on a hard surface, using a Futon mattress, is suggested.

The bed’s general shape and proportional arrangement is striking and calls for the viewer’s attention and observation.

The overall composition gives a feel of purity and calm, but is dynamic. The sheer size of the furniture brings interior usage and configuration into account. In this way it is not just a freestanding piece but a sculpture, dependent on its surroundings and vice versa.

The bed is mobile, and it can be repositioned depending on mood.