colors by Renata Rubim

Move Móvel is a furniture creation company where you can assemble your furniture the way you want. Assemble, dismount and transform is the company’s motto!
Using the idea of being able to choose accessories for the creations such as the nightstands and buffets, the designer and colors expert Renata Rubim started a partnership with Move Móvel bringing color pallets which predominate in each creation and give even more life to the furniture pieces.

Innovating once again, Move Móvel is launching the Move Móvel Design Arte Line where graphic and plastic artists and also designers will, among others, create personalized collections to a public which likes design and art. Move Móvel Design Arte becomes an object of desire which aggregates value to public, professional and residential spaces.
“The work which is open, therefore multiple, is in our path since the beginning. This allows for interventions and experimentation upon our furniture pieces made by a diversity of artists, designers, graffiti artists and advertisers”, testifies the owner of the brand Moricy Chaim.

Testimony of Renata Rubim:
Move Móvel enthralled me from the first time I saw its proposal.
Because in the beginning they used primary colors I started to imagine different chromatic treatments, even before the tendency of very colorful furniture which is so present nowadays in the furniture universe took over.
I didn’t know whether the company would be interested.
But when colors started to prevail in the design fairs, new products launched and the specialized media, I was sure the time had come.
That’s when I contacted them and proposed a partnership.