Bamboo Bones - Bamboo Dominoes
Canine Dining Station - Sleek feeder for dogs
Chair - Archimedes would approve
Coffee Table - Compact and features publication storage rack
Dining Table - Detail showing limited-edition badge
Print/Photo Frames - Easy-change made of eco-friendly Birch plywood
The LXR - Our Baby - The best vinyl record playing setup you've ever heard
Shelf - Adjustable heights, expandable to fit your needs

MTRL Design, an Omaha-based design/build studio is launching our limited-edition, customizable product line through Indiegogo with the goal of being able to sustainably grow, harvest, and manufacture bamboo panels locally. AKA – we want to ‘grow’ our own furniture and product line.

Currently, we get our bamboo from China, and cross-ocean freight kills any eco-friendliness associated with bamboo. So, we want to change that by eliminating the ocean freight part of our process. If we can do that, we can use our own harvested bamboo timber to create our own products, and also supply American designers, architects, builders, and makers with 100% American-made bamboo building products.

Thanks for your time and consideration!


Nick Mauer
MTRL Design
402 915 3870