Installation View
So That's Where Crystals and Bubbles Come From?!
Red is the Color of My Desire
Rainbow Rattler
Lionus the Unilope
Muppet Totem
Stagz n' Prizmz

This body of work I’m calling Mundus Est Fabula: The World is a Story. It is a dialogue between the ritual of imagery, the process of form and texture, the performance of creation. How ancient ideas are transmuted today is masquerading in pop culture. The tapestry of history is an organism onto itself, breathing, changing and growing. We see it in its nowness, it’s current incarnation, as it lives and thrives around us today. What are our symbols? What are the beings that live in our collective imagination? These are the questions I attempt to harness with my imagery. Each painting is a cell in a larger system, a single thought in a whole idea. The crochet borders interconnect and create a variable installation. The images talk to each other, sparking something different between themselves each time the installation is made. The crochet is the time keeper, the process of history. The images are a snapshot of the now.