MusicInk is an educational toy designed for children between the ages of 4 and 7 years .
MusicInk has been created to be the first of three different kits dedicated to the different stages of learning of children.
The first kit is dedicated to children who approach for the first time the music world, so it is designed to teach the basic
properties of sound through fun exercises. The properties of sound that will be dealt with are: pitch, intensity, duration,
timbre and DO scale.
To play with MusicInk, children must be accompanied by an adult in possession of a smartphone.
The game is divided into two parts: the first is more playful and simple dedicated to younger children, the second more
complex and technological dedicated to the older ones.
MusicInk works with an App suitable for Android smartphone and tablet.
The game is based on the use of a particular electrically conductive and non-toxic ink with which the children will
realize drawings representing the different properties of sound.
The drawings will then be connected to an electronic circuit based on Arduino that will turn the illustrations into
capacitive proximity sensors.
The signals received by the sensors are sent via bluetooth to the App, which will rework and transform them into
the sound of a musical instrument.
Each property of the sound is connected to an appropriate melody . These properties can be assigned to different
drawings by the user through the App.
MusicInk allows an innovative approach to music, not only allowing children to draw and color properties of the sound,
but to turn them into real music.
MusicInk gives to young musicians an immediate feedback of their efforts, reassuring them with great satisfaction, curiosity and desire to learn more and more.