MYDNA Collection
MYDNA Side Table


I would like to show you my recent furniture project; actually it’s a re-launching as I designed a couple of years ago and now after hard development and several improvements it’s a real product. ?


MYDNA (as in my DNA) is a storage system inspired by the DNA theme in two different ways, first its complex, organic and stylish structure in the shape of double helix as the visual representation of the DNA construction and second, with a metaphorical statement which establish that everything you place on the MYDNA shelves define a significant part of your personal identity, as a reference to your genetic information.

MYDNA shelves have been presented on several exhibitions such as the current Mexican Industrial Design exposition call Fabrica Méxicana at Museo de Arte Moderno (Modern Art Museum) in México City and also at the Maison et Object at Paris in 2009 at the Talents À La Carte show introducing new South American design, when the MYDNA was still a prototype.

The MYDNA shelves are produced with a combination of plywood and heavy-duty cardboard, which are compressed in order to get the strength for the revolving shape.

The collection consist on a regular shelf ideal for books or small objects like picture frame, a Mini MYDNA which is mean to be a small book, CD or DVD stand and a small cylindrical side table, both shelves can be either static or with a spinning base for easy access to its content and all three presentations can be lacquered or in wood finish.


Find attach some images and follow next link in order to get 800×600 images of the complete collection, if you need HD images just let me know.


I hope you like my work!