Myria is one of the latest project created by David Dolcini STUDIO and part of the newest collection presented by Porada. It is a modular bookshelf that plays with gravity; a timeless product, essential, but designed till the smallest detail. It’s possible to compose it according to the space needs of each customer. At the same time, every single module is capable of living as a single element, adjacent to a wall, thanks to a metal support. Myria, when assembled with 2 or more modules, becomes a freestanding bookcase, that plays with space and depth, thanks to the verticality of its design and the visual lightness of the shelves.

“My idea was to create a domestic architecture, light and elegant. I also wanted that this product, made with noble materials, possessed a touch of magic, equilibrium and dynamism … while I designed Myria I thought about how Italo Calvino described his Invisible Cities” David Dolcini says.

The modules, of 40, 60 and 80 cm wide, are made up by a structure of solid walnut wood that rests in equilibrium on a single foot and adjustable shelves made of smoked glass. The details, such as adjustable feet, joints and shelf frames, are made of metal with polished bronze finishing.


Freestanding 5 modules bookshelf. It can become a diaphragm into bigger spaces

Composition of 4 modules 40+60+40+60 cm (from left to right)

Frontal view of the bookcase

Single Myria module. Thanks to a wall bracket, specifically designed for the product, it's possible to install also a single module of Myria

Wall composition of 3 elements 60+80+40 cm (from left to right)

Detail of the foot, and adjustable pin

Detail of a smoked glass shelf

Perspective sketch of a composition

Conceptual sketch of Myria

Myra’s module of 60cm installed to wall.