myriapoda chair and side table
myriapoda side table
myriapoda chair
side table back side - one leg detached
side table on the back side - all legs detached
side table on the back side - all legs attached
myriapoda chaise
chaise back side
myriapoda lounge arm chair
myriapoda side table in light grey

A delicate fragile appearance, like the one of buildings in contemporary japanese architecture, was the goal of this designs. The engineered solution of this delicate appeal, is an intriguing part of it. Instead of a classic four leg construction, this furniture series is standing on multiple legs. Therefor each leg can be thinner and support a delicate surface evenly. Based on the arrangement grid of the legs, modifications can be made which could lead to a bench, chaise or a lounge chair. The permanent connections are clued and made by stud welding. The T profile structure is not only supporting the legs from snapping off it also provides stability to the thin surface to prevent it from a deformation. This structure therefor creates a skeleton like X pattern which will be only visible to the interested viewer who will look on the backside of the furniture.