London theme room at MyWebRoom.com
Green theme room at MyWebRoom.com

MyWebRoom is visual and fun way to access all of your favorite online services and websites. You can make a virtual 2D room by choosing a theme, anything from Puerto Rico to Paris to Pintoresco.

Next, choose objects to fill your room…sports objects, a messy or clean bed, even a bird cage. Then fill each of those objects with the sites you love and new ones we’ve found for you. Put YouTube and Netflix in your TV. Shove Ebay and Amazon in your shopping bag. Chart out your vacation plans from the World map on the wall with Kayak and Expedia. Gmail, Pinterest, Twitter, Dropbox, it’s all in your virtual room.

No need to log back in every time you visit, we’ll remember most of that information for you. And we’ll even bookmark your favorite sites. You can even socialize from your room by passing out key requests inviting friends to your room.

We will soon be opening our platform to designers so they can showcase their pieces and designs inside our virtual rooms. In the near future, our users will be able to purchase all of the objects in the room, creating a unique marketspace.

Killer Startups just published an article about us you can check out: “MyWebRoom Might Be The Best Web Browsing Experience You’ll Ever Try.”

You can see more of our room themes here: http://pinterest.com/mywebroom/mywebroom-designs/

Thanks for your time! We would love to be written about by Moco Loco!