The 3 steps of growing, harvesting and designing.
The products are ready for harvesting
First harvest equals 200-300 gr. of oyster mushroom
The Lampshade has a weight of 230 gr. after being dried out.
Translucent fibres and mushroom mycelium.
The incubation takes place in low light, medium heat and high moisture
The first mycelium roots is appearing after 1 week.
During the growing period the mycelium must be checked for infection.
After 2-3 weeks the first mushroom fruits appear from the surface of the lamp

by Jonas Edvard 2013

Pendant lamp produced in mushroom based textile

The lamps consist of plant fibre and mushroom-mycelium. The lamps are grown into the shape during a period of 2 weeks, where the mushroom eats and grows together the plant fibres into a flexible and soft living textile. After harvesting of the edible mushrooms, the waste can be used a dry and lightweight material, that is both organic, compostable and sustainable. The mushroom mycelium stabilizes the construction by physically growing together the material behaving as a glue between the fibres. During the production period every lamps produces 500-600 gr of Oyster mushrooms, that is both nutritious and healthy. The Mushroom mycelium uses waste to grow the fruits and stabilizes the material in a matrix of mycelium roots, that creates a optimized end-waste product with a nutritious food product during the growing cycle.

Material: Plant fibres, Oyster mushroom mycelium – Pleurotus Ostreatus
Association: Master Project in product design at the Royal Academy of Art, school of design, Copenhagen Denmark 2013
Dimensions: Diameter: 32 cm Height: 29 cm
Words and images: Courtesy of Jonas Edvard
Photos: Jonas Edvard