NANNA bench-FM-for Kvadrat
NANNA bench-FM-for Kvadrat-profile
NANNA bench-FM-for Kvadrat-details
NANNA bench-FM-for Kvadrat-details
NANNA bench-FM-for Kvadrat-photo by Angela Moore

In a celebration of Hallingdal 65’s longevity, at a time when that quality seems rarer than ever, Kvadrat has invited a new generation of designers to create entirely new works using the textile and explore new applications for the fabric.

Curated by Constance Rubini, French designer Francois Mangeol designed a new upholstered bench by way of a tribute to Nanna Ditzel, the designer of Hallingdal textile.

Hallingdal was designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1965. Since when it has become as famous for its durability as for its rich colour palette. Today more than forty-five years later it remains one of Kvadrats best-selling products and has earned its place as a design classic. A familiar fixture in public spaces, hospitals, schools and homes, Hallingdal 65 is a textile that holds many associations for many people.

Called Nanna, the bench exploits the materials properties and extensive colour range, and could be constructed in any combination of colours, as well as at varying lengths and sizes. A thick, comfortable padded seat is made simply using a dovetailing process in which all the pieces of fabric are folded and stacked one to one.