This was my first project of the first year of college. The idea was to create a light modulator, or in other words, something that would let us control the light or it could be modulated by the materials.
I didn’t want to create create something too much conceptual. I wanted something long-lasting that I could easily see everyday without getting tired of it, something minimal, with a function but always having the briefing in mind.
So my inspiration was Nature and a int of industrial roughness, so the main material is wood, the shape reminds a camera support from the cinema and the screw gives that industrial look that goes well the the harmony of the wood and the minimalist of the overall product.
The arm can be controlled, when it’s down we have a more diffused and really warm light, something really cozy and relaxing. When it’s up, we have a strong light point that might be interesting for some situations. And that’s where the “light modulating” part comes up.

I really hope you like my project and for further information fell free to contact me or see my website.