Bandit9's goal was to create a minimalistic but dramatic design.
Nero's profile was designed to be as low and flat as possible.
The handlebars were directly welded
The brake light was integrated into the back fender.
Nero's hexagonal gas tank was crafted by hand.
Daryl, the Bandit Chief.

Nero is the latest custom bike to roll out of Beijing-based motorcycle design boutique, Bandit9.

Nero is a revamp of a Chang Jiang 750 with design and engineering in mind. The hexagonal tank and fenders are all handmade, and were designed to keep the lines of the bike as flat as possible. The color is Bandit9’s very own concoction of paint to achieve the deepest black possible.

The most interesting feature of the Nero is Bandit9’s approach towards the handlebars, which have been directly welded to the fork. This is unlike most bikes where it takes a a number of nuts, bolts and clamps that serve only one purpose.

A huge inspiration behind Nero’s design was Giger’s creature from the movie Alien. We’ve implemented curvature into the exhausts that gives the bike an organic feel. We’ve intentionally let some of the wiring loose so it feels like every wire serves to keep Nero’s heart pumping.

Bandit9 will continue to push boundaries of design in the custom motorcycle industry. Nero is just the beginning.