Peak Tile
Peak Tile
Wave Tile
Constellation 1 Tile
Constellation 2 Tile

After several collaborations made a success with the designers Pietro Seminelli, Nicolas Le Nocher and Verner Panton, Normandy Ceramics joins in 2012 with the designer Adrien De Melo to create a new serie of innovative ceramic tiles for all interiors.

With the requirement of a haute-facture craft, Adrien De Melo drew a series of three-dimensional stone floors – entitled respectively Peak, Wave and Constellation – which shakes aside the traditional codes of ceramic tiling. All have in common the research for a carnal relief, physically presence, the created motives for which offer with regard to the geometrical and organic wall coverings.

Presented in preview during Maison & Objet (september 2012), Peak Tile evokes a former and symbolic geometrical figure: a pyramid, the deranged summit of which creates, by repetition, fascinating sets of shadow and light. Peak generates multiple visual impressions(printings) between geometrical vibrations and kinetic effects.

Being inspired by the energy of an undulation, Wave Tile deceives the balance between straight line and curves, drawing an uncluttered organic surface, quite in mounts and valleys.

Constellation Tile is the result of a research on the depth of field and the perspective. The density of the impacts, relief, draws an imaginary cartography every tile of which could be the starting point. The unpredictable forms so obtained let to each the freedom to create its own universe.

This tile serie allows a certain freedom in the setup thanks to the variety of the forms. The user can so create walls in dynamic forms.

Dimensions :
Peak : 300 x 260 x H30mm
Wave : 240 x 135 x mm
Constellation : 240 x 240 x H20mm

The series was declined in a wide range of colors.
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Adrien De Melo
e-mail : contact@adriendemelo.com