iHook on Mac
iHook in car
Possible location ofiHook on cloth
iHook on remote

A team of California designers has developed a system to keep the tiny Sixth Generation iPod Nano always at hand. The system is a set of precision-machined aluminum bases, called iHooks. The Nano attaches to an iHook with its built-in clip. Once it is clipped to its base, the Nano is held firmly. It is easier to control, won’t get lost, and won’t fall to the ground when pulled by its headphone cord.

You mount one of the iHook bases everywhere you use the Nano. As you move from place to place, just unclip the Nano and clip it to an iHook at the next location. The iHook is designed to be glued, taped, screwed, riveted, tie-wrapped or sewn to the appropriate surface.

The iHook system represents a new approach to using today’s smaller mobile devices. Because the iHook is constructed simply, it is practical to use this mount in many locations. There is always a stable and accessible place to clip the mobile device.