Henrique Steyer, 33 years old, is one of southern Brazil’s most active architects in the contemporary scene. He signs residential and corporate projects that have been published in over 25 countries. Steyer now releases his first collection of authored furniture, composed by three product lines with creative and original inspirations. The products have a strong ergonomic and constructive rigor, excellent woodworking and absolutely cool shapes, inspired on Brazilian identity, architecture and art.

New Classic bar cabinet
In classical architecture, edifications were created by the formula ‘base+body+crowning’. In antique furniture, it was no different. Steyer’s suggestion revisits this composition aesthetic with new clothing. The New Classic bar cabinet by Henrique Steyer Furniture has a hollow shaped square base that supports the angled body. The stylized crowning finishes the piece, that can be made in two different sizes, with many color and finishing options.