I´m dropping you a line on behalf of Josep Maria Sans owner of Kriska Décor

Kriska Décor and the designer Claire Davies are proudly bringing out a new range of metallic curtains, there is a nice story here and it would mean a lot to both if you could give us some support as it has taken us all so many hours to get this far. Please tell us what you think.

The product – A tapestry of pixels
The curtains are a mix of technology and craftsmanship. Call them what you may : Screens, curtains, installations which create engaging atmospheres they give spaces new meanings , distributing light in a magical way. Art which define spaces or simply create visual mazes or a private corners .

Hand made tecno
The collection has been a full family endeavor, rolling up their sleeves to get down to business. The initial art work, a mixture of hand painted acrylics and digital art – these stunning canvases then had to be pixelated – each pixel would represent a link and be reproduced in metal. Then followed an intense game of alchemy mixing iron oxides to get the colours for each link. A sort of paint by numbers on a massive scale. A tapestry of pixels…a fascinating mix of technology and craftsmanship.

The company
In less than a decade, this tiny company has gone from making humble fly curtains to bespoke curtains for Patricia Urquiola and Fabio Noviembre for the worlds most glamorous locations. Old man Sans invented a system of “paint by numbers” for chains, Kriska are the only people in Europe who work this way. You can find the factory in a medieval hill town in deepest Cataluña.

The designer
Claire´s worked for years as a creative director for some of Spain´s leading design houses, more comfortable behind the spotlight than in front of it. She´s been quietly producing furniture for the past five years. The editor of Casaviva magazine saw her work and immediately recommended her talents to Kriska. Fusion of styles, market knowledge and emotional approach to design made her a perfect fit.

Marta Rocafort
High Resolution Pictures: http://goo.gl/WSQBF