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Nuance Ice Bucket with Tongs:
The ice bucket is often a kind of necessary evil when one’s serving drinks. What to do with the lid while fishing the cubes out, and what do you do with the tongs when you’re done? It’s rarely an elegant or practical process as the bucket too often sits there soaking in water from dripping or lost ice cubes. This is where Danish brand, Nuance, enters with their Ice Bucket & Tongs. Designed by Marcus Vagnby and Karina Mencke, this bucket looks cool while it pays attention to the smallest details. It can be used with one hand while one holds a drink with the other. The lid can easily be pushed to one side while you simply and elegantly remove the ice cubes with tongs located in the lid. The tongs have large gripping surfaces with holes, so drips land in the bucket and not on your table. Once you’ve got your ice cubes, simply push the lid back on and set the sides in. This Nuance Ice Bucket is made from high-sheen stainless steel. The walls and base are double thick in order to keep the cold in and the internal insert is made from pool-blue ABS plastic, which makes it easy to separate the ice cubes no matter how dim your lighting. Dimensions: 8.7″ x 5″. From Denmark.
Nuance Olive Sticks:
From Danish brand Nuance, these decorative stainless steel Olive Sticks are perfect for those who find toothpicks a bit dull and paper umbrellas a bit silly. Used for picking up olives as well as placing pieces of fruit as an elegant and stylish glass decoration. Dimensions: 4.68″ L. From Denmark.
Nuance Bottle Opener:
A light, fun and surprising bottle opener from Danish brand Nuance. The shape of a drop, symbolic of a sparkling cold drink, was the inspiration behind the design. Cheekily cut so that it not only lies on the table but is immediately ready to grasp and open beers, sodas and other bottles. This opener is a pleasure to use due to its ergonomic design that feels fantastic in the hand, while its hollow interior makes it surprisingly light. Made from stainless steel with an enameled interior that provides an eye-catching counterplay between the color and shiny steel surface. Dimensions: 3.5″W x 4.5″L. From Denmark.
Nuance Cocktail Shaker:
Nuance’s Cocktail Shaker is an astonishingly simple solution to an irritating problem. Anyone who has shaken cocktails knows how irritating it can be when the shaker becomes stuck together, impossible to separate. Danish brand, Nuance, has once and for all solved this problem in an elegant and effective way with the first shaker ever to utilize silicone seals in the lid and top. These seals lend a new expression to the familiar shaker as the silicone rings define the key dividing lines of the design. The shaker remains closed during use and the silicone rings make it easy to quietly whip the top and lid off when you’re ready to pour or mix drinks in the shaker. The drink is sieved through a strainer as it’s poured out and the lid simultaneously functions as a measuring cup when mixing ingredients for your perfect cocktail. This shaker is made from polished stainless steel, silicone and rubber. Dimensions: 9.9″. From Denmark.