New hostel in front of Tottori station in Japan by designQ


Renovation of the 4-story former hotel, 45-year old, in front of Tottori Station into a hostel.

The design concept was to “utilize the leftovers”, thereby lowering renovation costs but providing a high quality hostel guest experience. The building needed to meet new building code standards. As such, the internal partitions were demolished and fully rebuilt while keeping the building skeleton and brick exterior.

For the interior, the first-floor café lounge kept the brick facade and bracket lights (both used for the wall of airlock entrance), 21 chairs (used as guest chairs after repairing the upholstery fabric) and scrapped cedar boards (used for the floor) from the original building.

The pine girder, which was obtained from a house demolishment and gifted by a manufacturer in Tottori, has been reused for the natural wood tabletop of the reception. 8 original pendant lights above the dining table accentuate the space by refracting extra light to project graphics on the ceiling.

By “utilizing the leftovers”, the building was renovated into a tasteful and elegant new hostel.

Photos: ©Norihito Yamauchi

all images©Norihito Yamauchi










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