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We are a new interior design company based in Copenhagen , Denmark .
I believe that you might be interested in our new collection .
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Alexis Robiou
Partner and designer

Brilliant interior design

Bénédicte Toft Andersen, Mette Geisler and Alexis Robiou met and lived together in Camden Town , in 1996, in the midst of the brit pop explosion while studying graphic design and fine arts at the London Institute . The frenchman and the danish girls started to share their love of silkscreen printing and punk rock, while exchanging ( trading, ping pong ? ) striking visual ideas and dreams bigger than life …15 years later , the dream has become a reality : Family Jewels

How to make the world a less rubbish place ?

15 years later , more than ever before , the fire is on. While Mette has been the brain behind the fashion brand Punk Royal that sent the fashion world out of its orbit (with its glorious gothic letters branded onto the best ad space in the world (namely Kylie Minogue´s butt)) , Benedicte and Alexis have been busy with their artist run space in the middle of the Marais district in Paris , selling everything from (spraypainted ceramic crying dogs) customized vintage wall paper to supermassive paintings that hooked an international crowd in the know .

Well , after their bodies , their walls , we´ ll go for the very essence of their homes

that´s right , we got tired of the fashion business , too narrow for our ideas , while it might be rewarding to see people in the streets wearing your creations on their backs or super wealthy people who can afford to hang your art on their very expensive walls , we have decided to go back to our roots , our dream : beautiful , affordable art for everybody , embracing both Duchamp AND Warhol´s approach :
the ready made with a twist .
Interior design products for:
* Bathroom
* Bedroom
* Kids
* Kitchen and dining
* Living room