Kult is the outcome of the new partneship within Emo design and Kblue, the company founded in 1999 operating in the domotics market. The collection Kult is a new range of user interfaces and web applications for the control of homes featuring stunning design and intuitive graphic. It is a family of products characterised by essential lines, thought for simplicity and ease of use for the user as well as for the electrician.

The designers explain: “According to the company requirements, we have thought to extremely simplify the product. Using colours as white and black either for the frame and for the graphic interface, not only render the product elegant and timeless permitting to adapt it to every environment, but also helps partially sighted people to read. Moreover, it reduces costs permitting the company to reach the aim of producing domotic products as goods for all.”
The interaction process and the essential graphic interface permit to access easily to every function (lighting, security, video surveillance and access control, heating and conditioning, energy saving, automations, video door phone and audio-video distribution). The system is also equipped with an app that allows to control the domotic functions of the building directly from the smartphone. Moreover, its verticality, beyond aligning it with market trends in the technology market, favours the usability for the final user experienced in reading top down on vertical screens.

142 x 202 x 20 mm
105 x 121 x 19 mm (11 mm for the built-in version)
Materials: ABS
Year: 2012
Producer: Kblue