Elroy Mass Customized Bluetooth Earbuds


I am the founder of the bag company, Timbuk2.  At Timbuk2 we did mass customization, where we could create and ship a custom configured bag in 24 hours.  I’m now starting up a new company to apply the same manufacturing techniques to bluetooth earbuds.  

It’s a great news story about “Made in USA” as well as being a great new product story.  I hope you will take the time to check it out.  Here is a press release that I put out today on the PR Newswire. http://bit.ly/UkEEs2

So far, even though the current Kickstarter numbers are low, we are getting a very high conversion rate on video views (10% of video views are converting to backers). Much higher than most Kickstarter projects.  People are very willing to back the project, we’re just looking for exposure in the media for something that people clearly like.

The other very cool aspect of this project is, it is going to turn into a fantastic design platform for graphic artists. We’re going to use a curated model for our customization. So, rather than people getting online to add pictures of their pets and grandchildren (like the Zazzle model) we will have a curator on staff who will be reaching out into the design community to create and extensive catalog of compelling designs for customers to choose from.

We will be looking to develop a design catalog of 10’s of thousands of configurations, and focus our website design on creative ways to connect consumers with designs that are meaningful to them.

Thanks!  And Happy New Year!

Rob Honeycutt

Kickstarter link:  http://kck.st/SNxKA5

Media kit here: http://www.sniktech.com/media_kit/