Timothybenfurniture.co.uk is a UK based designer-maker that produces simple yet effective ‘Made in Britain’ products that are beautiful as well as multi-functional – they demand to be touched, as well as used and admired.

The ethos of timothybenfurniture is to produce products based around the interaction between object and user and how everyday objects and activities can become more pleasurable, memorable and enjoyable yet aesthetically pleasing and quirky.


– is it a table or a light?

A playful puzzle that allows you to direct light around the room depending on which panel is moved.

Chalk cups
– a range of coffee cups allowing you to experience the true taste of coffee close to you. Available in pastel chalky outer and transparent glazed inner or all over glaze

– This simplistic shelving system is cut from a single sheet of 3mm steel and folded to form. The ‘arcs’ form the bracket in which can be simply screwed to any environment; available in a variety of lengths, depths and variations dependent on whether the arc bracket is screwed on an X, Y or Z axis or inverted. The resulting shape is an artistic representation of a familiar fragment that instantly adds contemporary flare to any space.

Arrow & Cube
– The architectural form of Arrow & Cube uses clean-lines that conveniently store its contents, giving an organized, uncluttered appearance allowing you to add/ reduce the size of your multi combination tower.