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Hello I am Shinji Nukumi, a desinger working in Tokyo Japan.
I frequently visit your website, and find it very stimulating.
I am sending this e-mail because I want to submit a new design work of mine.

It is probably the case that for many people, a mouse is the electronic product which they touch the most in a day.
Despite this, there are not many mouse options, and all of the designs pretty much look alike. Even though PC designs have become so diverse, mice are still the same.

This mouse isn’t just an input device: it is an interior design product. The user will be able to enjoy touching it.
The buttons are supported by large, overhanging beams, so the motion of clicking feels pleasant to the user.
It is supported by for stable legs, so the movements are smooth due to the absorbing plate. Due to its aluminum formation and carbon composition, this mouse
has a feeling of luxury and design that hasn’t been seen before.

?Designer : Shinji Nukumi (NBBR)
?Materials : aluminum, carbon, plastic
?Uses 1 AAA alkaline battery
?Retail date : TBA
?Sensor : Laser Tracking
?Number of buttons : 4

I look forward to receiving your reply.
Kind Regards,