Jeff T Owens – “JTO” – is a gallery artist and a professional illustrator based in Gainesville, FL. JTO’s endless fascination with 60s and 70s television and popular culture has led to work that references pop iconography with a touch of humor using his distinctive brand of graphic detailing and heavy lines. Opening Saturday, October 6th, at WWA Gallery, JTO will be one of 8 talents featured in “The Noise in the Basement”.

For “Noise in the Basement” JTO will be exhibiting a cross-section of his homage to 70s comics, movies, and album cover art for a project titled “My Metal Hand.” Painting primarily with ink and a limited color palette for the last 3 years, this new body of work is a return to full color.

The opening reception for “The Noise in the Basement” takes place on Saturday, October 6th, at WWA Gallery and is open to the public. Other exhibiting artists alongside JTO include JoKa, James “Jimbot” Demski, Dan Goodsell, David Lozeau, Juan Muniz, JC Rivera, and Saratoga Sake. No strangers to the gallery world, each of the artists in “The Noise in the Basement” have exhibited in numerous nationwide solo and group shows. They have boldly staked their own territory in the street, vinyl toy, graphic or comic scenes with their uniquely raw creative visions. The exhibition will be on view through November 3, 2012.