Nexus is the expression of nature’s geometrical perfection. Nexus collection is created in two different styles.
It’s based on two separate tile series as PENTA and HEXA.

PENTA5 and Hexa6 series that creates NEXUS collection was inspired from nature’s most basic structural element of
Carbon atoms geometrical form. It combines this design with one of nature’s most common structural element and main
raw material of ceramic.

Nexus collection was designed to inspire. It places and defines as a strong design element of architectures where it is used.
NEXUS Collections was designed not to rival with architectural places and objects placed around them, but to support and define
as part of the architectural element that was thought with it.

HEXA Series of Nexus collection is based on hexagonal geometry design as PENTA series, but the pattern it creates is a hexagonal
pattern that is in the same axis as its outer form. The pattern that it creates visually is the same hexagonal pattern as the outer form,
but slides and telescopes half the length of the outer dimension.
This unique pattern creates an illusion of two times the amount of ceramics were tiled.
By this effect from the first glance the pattern and the outer form divert and the eye is forced to question whether it is the tile or the pattern.

PENTA5 series has three dimensional surface topography that illusions diverted hexagonal patterns.
PENTA5 tile can be tiled as a vertical or horizontal axis. PENTA5 tile reforms a diverse hexagonal pattern that is
rotated 90 degrees to the outer form. This way the tiles honeycomb formation and pattern interfere and telescope with each other.

Customizing NEXUS collection as a separate series or with each other allows users to create their own design solutions for architectural places.
It can be used from offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms and so on, spaces where you want to customize or define
as a part of your imagination. By these customization options NEXUS wall tiles makes you apart of the design process.