NIU offers a contemporary reiteration of the traditional office accessories. This distinctive set provides, by selected materials, consisting in cork and white painted aluminium, a creative fusion between need and aesthetic. The collection comprises various ingenuous supports for phone / tablet support, post-it notes, a cards holder, a sharpener, tape dispenser, pencil cup and a container for needles, paper clips and other more. NIU features a refined industrial look and it’s easy to use and play with. It certainly adds a touch of fun to any desk, being, at the same time, an ultra-efficient team of organizers.

Materials: cork and white paint powder coated on aluminium.

Designer: Dragos Motica
Photo: Dragos Motica and Andrei Hernest


NIU desk organizer

NIU desk organizer

Pencil Sharpner

Tape dispenser

Fron view