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Dining& Living Room
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Japanese Style Room

The site is located at the very end of the residential section developed in the 1970s in Nara, Japan. There are homogeneous prefabricated houses in one side, and ancient Japanese-styled houses and rich nature spread in another side. It is the typical site of Nara. We planned a new residence for young husband and wife.First, We classified various spaces into two . The opened space with free usage , such as the living, the dining room, kitchen, and loft, was unified by a white volume. The closed space with specific functions, such as soundproof studio, a bathroom, a utility room, and a bedroom, was unified by a black volume.Second, We put the black volume to the road side, The white volume was set some distance back from it.Third, by combining two volumes, the residence could have a small courtyard and was able to gain a wind, light, and a view.

Project name: niu
Architect: Yoshihiro Yamamoto | YYAA
Location: Ikoma city, Nara, JAPAN
Construction: Nov 2011, May 2012
Structure: Wooden Structure
Site Area: 220.36 m2
Building Area: 76.77 m2
Floor Area: 89.53 m2 | 1F 76.77m2, 2F 12.76m2
Typology: House
Photographer: Yohei Sasakura

Yoshihiro Yamamoto
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