No, Sweat!
exercise step assembled
mountain climbers
bench press
pushup row
skip rope
plyometric jumps
balance board pushups
bar lunge
workspace furniture

No, Sweat! is a 3-piece workspace furniture set that can easily transform into workout furniture.

In today’s busy lives it can be difficult to find the time for daily exercise. By combining workspace and workout furniture, it allows anyone to take a break from their busy work schedules and partake in regular activity. This eye catching set of furniture serves to remind the user of the exercise capabilities of their furniture.

The exercises that No, Sweat! utilizes are based on pre-established and well known routines and styles. The basic forms that shaped No Sweat! were drawn from the exercise step, the balance board, the weight bar, the skip rope and the kettle bell. Hundreds of exercises can be extrapolated from these basic structures and equipment.

No, Sweat! can be used wherever desk work is done; from the company office to a studio apartment. This set is designed for everyone, as exercise is important for all ages. No, Sweat! benefits those interested in fitness, yet have not joined a public gym or are unable to purchase dedicated home equipment due to a lack of space or finances.

When designing No, Sweat!, first hand research was used to establish a working baseline; exploring various exercise disciplines, finding the similarity between various styles. Forms were drawn, dissected and rearranged into a workspace configuration. Pen-and-paper sketching, quick CAD prototyping and full-scale prototypes were used to explore and ultimately refine the myriad of possibilities.

To increase awareness of the project, a short teaser video was released online. Additionally, a custom print titled Curl Bars and Collars, was designed for promotional graphics and lithograph-style posters were designed and printed.

In the same fashion that the 1980s Memphis style design was a postmodern response to Bauhaus’ Form follows function, No, Sweat! proves that one does not need fancy, modern gym equipment in order to have a full body workout. No, Sweat! provides a visual, mental, and physical break from the work day and gets people moving and exercising.