Among our senses, smell is the one that has most impact and relevance when generating and keeping memories. These kind of memories are so strong that they are the only ones won’t change overtime due to retroactive interferences. They act almost as a tele transport to a past moment, elevating a true space-time dimension, being so personal and indwelling at the same time.

This project intends to explore that scale of singularity of how we keep information of a specific moment and place in time. At the same time the power of the memory created with that same olfactory character marked by vegetation and spices.

Having that in mind, this project explores the concept of a domestic alchemist laboratory with an hydrodistiller designed to be seen and used at home, where the user is an indispensable part at every stage of the process, from the collection of botanicals to the creation of the fragrance.

When the distillation is done, the essential oils are fragments of a space in time and when they are together, in perfect harmony, they constitute a crystallized memory of a past moment.







The condenser is empty to be filled with ice inside to refrigerate the walls so when the steam reaches the top of the chamber condensates. It was designed in this conic shape to ensure the drops are directed to the center and drip to the second container.

Distillations container showing the invisible water circulation system. This last detail is particularly important to ensure the main container never runs out of water and also to ensure this small container (which receives the oil) doesn't overflow. In the end we get a small deposit of hidrolact (mostly water) and the oil fluctuating on top due to it's lower density.