The three different shapes
Nojar 2 with violet cable
Nojar 2, mood image
Nojar 2 and Nojar 3
Nojar 1, mood image
Nojar 3, detail
Nojar 3, top view

Walking in the North east forest, observing the different shapes of trees in the winter and emphasizing their silhouettes in three lamps is the starting point of Nojar collection. Enrico Zanolla chose to convert the emotion and feeling of nature into a real object using natural oak wood, very common on the Italian Slovenian border. Hence the name Nojar that means oak in the local language. The three different shapes are silhouettes of simplified trees that characterizes the landscape.
As the idea is born on a border between two countries the wood is crafted by skilled Slovenian woodworker connecting in a stronger way the idea, the manufacturing process and the product itself.
Every lamp can be matched with 6 different cable colors allowing the client to finalize the last touch. The lampshade is in natural oak wood lacquered with a matt finishing to emphasize the beauty of such timber specie.
The lamps come in three different sizes: Nojar 1 diameter 18cm and height 25cm, Nojar 2 diameter 15cm and height 18cm, Nojar 3 diameter 13cm and height 22cm. All of them are already available for purchasing.