The ‘Concept Shapes’ experiments were carefully crafted into a concept with a profound visual identity.
Concept: Liquid Pearls.
Concept: Mirror of Flames.
Concept: Airstream Birds.
Concept: Silver Bow Ties.
Concept: Sea-shaped Icicles.
The delicate, liquid pearl-like appearance gives the headset a fabulous look and feel.
The natural shape is a stylish symbol for the smooth transition of sound waves trough the device.
The soft-touch ear piece is elegantly lofted from the glossy body, visually amplifying the signal (and the noise reduction feature).
NOKIA Concept Shapes the pitch: Liquid Pearl, Chic White and Iced Black.

Designers Remko Verhaagen and Eric van Dorst created this series of conceptual objects in a pitch of a bluetooth headset for Nokia, while employed by Dutch design studio VanBerlo. Instead of creating another starwars-like gadget they looked at the elegance and smooth quality of jewelry for inspiration. To find the right style to match their creative vision they experimented with free-form modelling in 3D CAD resulting in this ‘concept shapes’ design project. The final design shows a smooth ear-like icon based on an innovative feature to reduce background noise in a car.