This cabinet was inspired by the Din A paper size. The different compartments provide space for all the small things that matter to you. From the magazine to the key ring. The cabinet can be used suspended and put down. Measures: 45 x 32,6 x 8,9 cm
Are you wondering on what day your birthday falls in the year 2034? This perpetual calendar can foretell you the days and the date years in advance!
This chess game is completely demountable. The figures can be stuck together and be dismantled as well as stored inside the chessboard. Thus this chess game is a puzzle as well. The object can be individualized by colorizing the wood.
This pinhole/hole pattern camera is an attempt to return to the beginnings of photography. In this camera, however, a normal roll-film can be used, so that the developing can be done in every photo-shop! Supplied with a roll-film and ready to capture images.
This wall clock, in contrast to conventional watches, has only one clock hand. It is stationary and acts as an arrow: Instead of the clock hand the dial moves.

Earth-aware accessories made from space age technology!

All nonessentials are made with a laser-cutting machine.
The rich birch plywood is cut (and optionally engraved) with the motive of your choice. Our palette consists of five colors for you to choose from.
The entire process becomes an individual act, even the packaging- which is printed via wood-stamp immediately after you’ve completed your order- is a unique piece.