We celebrate our silver anniversary with the outstanding exhibition ‘not just a bowl of cherries’. No less than 40 artists were inspired by this allusion to the phrase ‘life is just a bowl of cherries’.

The bowl as both an object and as a symbol lies at the core of this exhibition.

Some pieces are an expression of respect for the bowl as a universal, ancient archetype in everyday life, used to prepare, serve, conserve and store food, while others reflect a philosophical approach; a gesture of beauty and interaction, presenting something precious…

Sometimes the bowl is full to abundance, its load of rich, ripe cherries and fleshy peaches a metaphor for a lustful life. However, when the bowl remains empty, the content is questioned and only a suggestive gesture remains; the imaginary bowl held respectfully in both hands.


picture by Jan Kersschot

"Moody bowl", Keith Tyssen, sterling silver and copper

"Reunion IV", Ja-kyung Shin, mounted silver plated spoons

"Boat bowl", Frans Ottink, glazed porcelain

"Container", Rudolf Bott, bronze

"Monolith Platter",Shira Kiret, Carrara marble, picture by Hagar Cygler

"Botanica IV", Studio Formafantasma, bois durci, commissioned by Plart Foundation, picture by Luisa Zanzani

"Hold out your hands", Adi Toch, rose gold plated base metal, loose pearls

“Marble bowls”, Lucile Sciallano, porcelain, glaze

"Blow", David Clark, pewter and electro nickel silver spoons