In an effort to save the pen and paper from eminent extinction I propose the following…

NOTEBLOX – magnetic, stackable iPad journals


The NOTEBLOX are simple blank paper journals, with 12 neodymium magnets built into the back and front cover. The magnets hold the iPad in the back cover, and pens, pencils, styluses and other NOTEBLOX on the front. The magnetic binding system creates a simple and convenient package for carrying your notebook, stylus, pen and iPad together. When you’ve filled the pages, the NOTEBLOX remains a clever object and is designed to be archived rather than discarded.

This email is a grass roots attempt to get exposure and feedback for my idea. I hope you’ll check it out and link to it on your site.
I’m especially interested in feedback from the creative community that mocoloco.com represents. I believe that the NOTEBLOX could have great value with architects, artists and designers who, like me, won’t give up their favorite pen.