‘NUBE-PET’ is a cultural project that proposes the exploration of waste material using structures with architectural potential. For a period of 21 months, a group of architects, designers, artists, marketers, communications specialists and the general public collected, cleaned and cataloged more than 25,000 600ml plastic PET bottles (polyethylene terephthalate) to manufacture an installation that covers the central building of the autonomous university of Aguascalientes.

The semi-public status and cultural importance of the courtyard inside the J. Gomes of Portugal building was the perfect setting to question how public spaces are constituted and managed in the contemporary city. Based on horizontal communication systems and social networks, collective ‘NUBE-PET ‘ tried to generate not only an ecological consciousness around the materials pieces from which cities are made, but also an emphasis on therelationship between manufacturing, form, space and social fabric.

Connecting educational institutions, private sector, government institutions, professionals and the general public,
this project seeks ways to generate urban events that reveal the city as a networking effort. A parametric celling transforms the space changing its temperature, luminosity, color, texture and dimension, inviting the visitor’s senses to take active part not only in the metabolism of space, but the manufacturing and procurement of material, thus reaffirming the public space as a process of perpetual generation.


Project Credits:

arturo revilla pérez, architecture
mónica domínguez ureta, marketing
alejandro revilla pérez, communication + photograph

In collaboration with:

universidad autonoma de aguascalientes, UAA
universidad del valle de méxico, UVM
architectural association, AA
municipio de aguascalientes, IMAC

karen alejandra rodríguez palomo
fabiola saraí oliva viscencio
jessica alejandra sánchez santos
jorge rafael sustaita rangel
juan alberto rodríguez muñoz
luis noé salas farfán
carlos ernesto palomo martín
juan carlos regalado alba
alejandro gonzález
adán cardona lópez
luis roberto díaz de león alcalá
alitzel loera bravo
pedro antonio medina fuentes
mariana martínez torres
erika patricia reyes hernández
laura jaret arellanes plascencia
efraín uriel rivera
omar andrade muñoz
irham díaz lópez
gilberto arturo hernández Reyna
abraham martínez rodríguez
yared dávila díaz de león
jesús omar lópez salazar
raúl cárdenas castillo
ulises martínez gladin
diego pérez espitia
daniel alcalá
ulises martínez
diego alain dávila
carlos martín briseño
víctor oribe garcía
josé andrés flores lópez
rodrigo peña camacho
ricardo sosa mejía
isaac garcía zamarripa
guadalupe pérez talamates
maricela rodríguez
luis raúl gonzález gonzález
ana patricia castains gómez

Photograph credits Alejandro Revilla Perez.

Arturo Revilla

Candidate, AA PhD by Architectural Design
Codirector, AA Houston Visiting School
t +447735 993079. London, UK.