Numerouno on a kitchen counter
Numerouno on a writing desk
Numerouno dinner table
Numerouno lamp

Numerouno is the new pendant lamp made of cardboard which you can use about everywhere: on your dining table, your kitchen counter, your working- or meeting desk or your workbench. It is quick and easy to install, uses one 21W T5 low energy tube and gives a beautiful, warm and pleasant light. Also, you can adjust its height for a more personalized setting.

Designing isn‘t only about producing always new stuff but also about finding new ways of combining things we already have. Numerouno is both: its shade made of corrugated cardboard and the wire hangers are manufactured by local industries, the other components can be found in any hardware-store.

That is why Numerouno is a new pendant lamp with low environmental impact. It emits more light than two 75W light bulbs, and due to its lightweight construction and 21W tube, energy consumption is low in production and transport compared to similar products.

Numerouno is an experiment: to understand if it is possible to market a semi-industrial product which is attractive, locally produced and yet affordable. Also, many of us have lost the awareness of where the things that surround us actually come from and how they are made. Therefore, in the tradition of Berlin’s industrial past, Numerouno is manufactured and assembled in the central district of Charlottenburg, just a 2-minute walk away from Zoo-Station.