Intro: Reaching for a push pin
Poking your finger
O-Pin intro (in use)
how it works

The O-Pin is a new way of thinking of push pins in a safe manner while maintaining the manufactuering method efficient. Design inspired by the inhaling and exhaling of a lung, the breathing motion, inward and outward. The concept revolves around the issue of how the needle for a push pin is exposed and in harms way for anyone who has blindly reached for a pin. How the design works, The O-pin stay in a cylinderical/cone shape until you apply pressure, causing the 3 intergrated living hinges to bow out exposing the needle creating a sculptural and snowflake like asethetic. The reason for the name O-Pin, because it ‘Opens’ up. The idea for quick manufactuering methods would be explained in the design, the pin sits at a 5 degree angle for a simple Injection Mold for fast production. The O-pin is for playful decor and light-hearted hanging of objects rather than used in a professional business type of setting, but does not limit itself to it either.