My name is Lucia de Santibañes, Im writing to express my interest on publishing our personal project of assembly furniture, on your blog.
Located in Buenos Aires, Natalia (business manager) and myself, Lucia (graphic designer), created this venture: ”Gamba – Piezas de diseño”, based on the design of jointed pieces which are embedded by their own consumer. The designs have a tendency of Scandinavian style. We started by creating stools and tables and we plan to continue expanding the collection. The models were designed and produced in its entirety process, under our supervision and dedication. Its concept, completion and quality is of paramount importance in comparison with the market in Argentina, that is why we are very proud of the results we are getting. We are interested in the idea where consumers interact with the object from a more friendly way.
We use fiberboard as the main material, considered a recycled product itsellf, followed by a high quality lacquered. Besides, we are producing a special edition soon, using guatambu wood for the top of the furniture.

This is a translated spanish phrase that describes our philosophy. It is shown on our spanish webpage:
“We do a desired place of a barren corner; from the apparent futility, a new skill: we help you assemble, attach, joint, link, coordinate, connect, engage and unite nice things”

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you and have good news about this exciting opportunity, and we really hope you like it!

I attached loads of pictures of the photo shooting for you.

Kind regards!