OFFFSET is collection of 3 conversation pieces. Pieces that want to talk about themselves. At the same time, you can play as a child or you can feel like an architect or a sculptor. Pieces that want to relax your mind.

Designed and produced by Ernest Perera for its own editor Amor de Madre is a 999 units limited edition.

OFFFSET starts as a beech wood stackable DIY toy for the designer’s first son. But quickly it took a shape closer to an pieces of art. Also it helps to relax designer’s mind and play like a child with adult eyes. Thus it becomes a small sculpture that you can modify from time to time.

There are three versions:

Offset One, based on an elliptical form, tries to get closer to the organic forms of Antoni Gaudi’s architecture, but sometimes it also reflects similarity to the sculptor Alexander Calder.

Offfset Two, based on the golden mean, which can be found in the Pyramid of Giza, the Parthenon, but also in the modern architecture of Le Corbusier.

Offfset three, is based on the hall volume of the Guggenheim Museum from the architect Frank Gehry’s.

This project is closer to the designer’s studies in sculpture than to those of product design.


Offfset one, eliptic shape

Offfset One could remind Calder’s sculptures

Offfset One with King Kong climbing to the top

Offfset One like NY Guggenheim Museum

Offfset Two, the golden mean shape

Offfset two or a interpretation of FLLW’s Falling Water House

Offfset Two playing with the balance

Offfset Three, a section of Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum

Offfset three, stackable Guggenheim

Offfset Two, making of