Oglof “a creature of most disturbing appearance” by CTRLZAK Studio

Oglof "a creature of most disturbing appearance"

“One day he finds to his horror and dismay that his domestic digifabricator has downloaded and printed a creature of most disturbing appearance.”

This is how the English artist & writer Alistair Gentry narrates in his own way Oglof, leading us to a dimension that brings about reflection that goes beyond mere form and aesthetics.

Oglof is a mysterious piece of unidentified form that creates curiosity and apprehension to the unsuspecting humans that encounter it. It invites us to question its true inner nature that hides deep within. A pouf/armchair made from kilometers of fine black and blue thin ‘cordonetto’ fringes, normally used as decoration, create the volume of the piece but also a smooth, shimmering surface underneath which is hidden a Memory Foam core.

Beyond the limits of its true meaning and functionality, Oglof presents itself as an eccentric piece of furniture with a secret soul – one that you can sit on if you are not afraid.

Oglof has been designed by CTRLZAK for the JCP ‘universe’, a new eclectic furniture brand that aims to change the design status quo in a revolutionary way, presented officially on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2016. Brainchild of a radical think tank held in Milan in 2015, JCP was conceived by architect Livio Ballabio and is orchestrated by CTRLZAK studio. A fusion between art and design, the brand’s creations blend diverse forms of expression in a surprising new idiom that defies the norms. The unique objects featured go beyond mere aesthetics, trends and common taste promising to transform everyday life through (im)materiality: JCP’s universe is one of wonder and mystery.


“You try to escape / The further away you run / The more it loves you”. Oglof's haiku by English artist & writer Alistair Gentry.

Oglof "a creature of most disturbing appearance"

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