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Find your own Peace with Oh So Osho!

Play Clan celebrates the most spiritually incorrect master of Moments, Chandra Mohan aka Acharya Rajneesh aka Osho.
Developed as a theme for our store in Pune, India – the Osho collection inspires us to find our own Peace.

About: OH SO OSHO!
He taught the world to be selfish. He made the world attain enlightenment by talking gibberish.
He made people comfortable about sex, he spoke only for people to listen to the silence in between those words.
He declared that since God was dead, the F word is the most important word in The English language.
He dressed the world in maroon and white gowns ( men included) and gave them the most comfortable but not everlasting (just like life) slippers to wear.
And last but not the least, he gave his commune a sense of humor and 96 Rolls Royce.

Attached are some images of our inspiration and products from the OH SO OSHO collection.

Look forward your thoughts and feedback on this collection.

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