Imagine a pig inside a box.
Hungry pig is hiding in a box, and waiting to be fed
Compact size of pig bank is perfect to be placed on a working desk.
Easy access of money allows Oinkoin to also be used as a coin tray.

This extraordinary coin bank stimulates our imaginations by showing only the significant part of the pig. It is as if a pig is hiding in a box to protect his food (coins) from taken away.

The pig in the cube holds significant meaning aside of its unique shape. The hidden story behind ‘Oinkoin’ is to give awareness of the animal abuse. More than half of the normal pigs among 500 millions of pigs are raised and fed in the gestation crate (60cm x 213cm) where they can only stare at single direction. It is similar to be wrapped and trapped in a small box. The pig in the square manifests the animal abuse.