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Olim: nomadic furniture designed to transition and grow with the modern nomad

Olim is a collection of nomadic furniture designed to transition and grow with the modern nomad. The collection is exhibiting at Tent London during London Design Week 2014.

Home no longer exists as a geographical location, but rather as an emotional connection between people and the objects we call our own. As technology makes the world smaller and more connected, it is changing our relationships, our belongings and our priorities. Embracing a modern aesthetic with consideration for durability and versatility, Olim became an exploration of this new culture; A look into the possibility of furniture that adapts and can migrate easily alongside its owner. Composed of two co-existing elements, the fabric and the frame, Olim carries a modern aesthetic with a personal touch. The wooden frames assemble into a chair (Soko) , a lamp (Lola) and a table (Nola) and can be simply dismantled and repacked with ease. The hand-woven fabrics made with recycled yarns, are all interchangeable, and act as manifestations of personality, taste, emotion or memories.

Olim is collaboration between five Latin American students from the Savannah College of Art and Design who wanted to resist the desertion of their current furniture as they moved on from university onto their professional lives. Through the combination of their various design backgrounds (Industrial Design, Architecture, Graphic Design, Fibers, and Service Design) Olim is the result of a holistic perspective into the possibilities of furniture one day becoming a successful migratory companion.








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