Design can transform environmental damage in income
The Catarse, most trusted crowdfunding in Brazil, received on July 10, an innovative project. Is Oliplanet, designed to transform environmental damage in income through the separation and recycling of cooking oil.
The country has more than 190 million inhabitants and a high consumption of vegetable oil. But, according to the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries, less than 1% of what is consumed is recycled.

Play the drain oil reaches the sewer, pipe clogs, cause flooding, maintenance costs and end up going to the rivers. According SABESP (Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo), each liter of oil to contaminate 20,000 liters of water. Play in organic waste hits the ground, waterproofs, harms plants, helps causing floods.

The low number of oil recycling is due to the impracticality of storing and lack of information for the collection of the material stored. If collects the amount needed to run the project consists of a spherical cap to pass the oil to the pet bottle in a practical and effective, but a site with collection points and recycling sites, facilitating the process and making environmental damage from turning into income for recyclers and collectors.

The initial assistance to the project is R$10.00 and has rewards that increase according to the amount donated, including adhesives, Oliplanet, access to the site until the company logo engraved in exclusive prints in boxes Oliplanet. The collections will be held until September 10 and the cost of the project is R$ 130,000.00.

Learn more: http://catarse.me/en/oliplanet
www.facebook.com / Oliplanet

Contact: David Keller, +55 41 9995-0471
Art Director for 13 years, working in MasterRomaWaiteman, and teaches in the school of creativity LemonSchool.