This winter, from now until January 18th, 2015, the capital of the Netherlands will light up once again up for the third annual Amsterdam Light Festival, covering its historical centre with light sculptures and installations of contemporary national and international artists. For the occasion, Aether & Hemera’s studio, has created an interactive installation at Wertheimpark. ‘On the Wings of Freedom’ is a radiant cloud of butterflies, hundreds of which hover above the ground in continuous, upward flight.

Butterflies represent metamorphosis and freedom across all cultures; ‘On the Wings of Freedom’ is about the transformation of the city. The city is a place where people can continuously be inspired, not only culturally but also socially; a place for ongoing change and progress. ‘On the Wings of Freedom’ symbolises this potential change and evolution.

People can interact with the installation and have an impact on the behaviour of the lights through their mobile phones; the lighting effects activated by the audience include geometrical patterns, dynamic waves of colours or vibrant rainbows. “With our installation’s dynamic waves of colours we wanted to celebrate Amsterdam’s bubbles and buzzes of activities, thoughts and interactions”